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Program Components
The Amer-I-Can Program is designed to assist in the development of each trainee’s personal skills in nine critical areas. These life skills are all linked, in order to assist the trainee in becoming a more successful person at reaching his/her full potential. These eight components are always works-in-progress, and should be constantly refined and improved.

Motivation, Conditioning, Attitudes & Habits By helping each participant to identify his or her potential and maintain a high level of motivation, the program opens the door for continuous striving toward success. Habits, attitudes, and conditioning processes are restructured by participants to enable themselves to seize opportunities
and capitalize on potential, moving them from an attitude of self-doubt to self-determination.

Goal-Setting People tend to look at obstacles and create negative attitudes because they do not understand alternative goal-setting processes. In the program, a goal is examined within a peer group to determine if that goal has the essential components required for true goal attainment. Is it realistic, worthwhile, and attainable? Measurable and timely? Long-term or short-term?

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Consider the fact that we have all gone through years of formal education and may never have been academically confronted with the basic problem-soling process. The Amer-I-Can Program’s six steps to problem-solving assist trainees in finding and applying practical solutions to everyday problems.

Emotional Control People who are unable to keep emotional from interfering with work or other social environments experience repeated difficulties that often lead to a less than desirable conclusion. By understanding emotional stresses and pressures, participants cultivate the ability to put stress and pressure on control, thereby becoming functional and productive under any circumstance.

Family Relationships Strong family relationships tent to drive a person to achievement. The Amer-I-Can’s strong family components are designed for the trainee to achieve a greater understanding of family members’ roles and responsibilities. This program will provide practical guidelines for bringing the family together as a positive, cohesive, supportive life force.

6. Financial Stability A person’s earning and spending habits determine financial stability. Learning sound money management and budgeting practices is vital for people from all socio-economic levels, and is a clear illustration of maturity and self-responsibility. It is a critical component in the achievement of individual self-determination.

Effective Communication Expressing oneself and communicating can be two entirely different matters. Understanding how one’s expressions inhabit or encourage dialogue between people is the key to effective communication. Many participants are initially introverted and resistant to expressing their emotions, but with your help, they will gradually evolve into communicative, freely expressive persons.

Job Search & Retention Guidelines are provided to assist participants in career exploration, job search, interviewing, resume preparation, and other critical areas, including punctuality, conflict resolution, productivity, and promotion.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse The program provides education to help the participants understand how drug/alcohol abuse affects their health and life and to determine if they have a substance abuse problem. They will learn the defenses that a drug addict uses to avoid facing the addiction and explore treatment opportunities for the disease of addiction.